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Warranty Conditions



14.1 With the exception of electronic parts, sold and/or delivered used vehicle parts are eligible for warranty.


14.2 The buyer can only derive rights from a warranty if he proves that he purchased the item from A-team Automotive. This proof can be provided by the buyer by submitting to A-team Automotive the relevant purchase agreement or invoice and, if applicable, the warranty card drawn up for this purpose. If it concerns a good that has been provided with a brand or registration number by A-team Automotive, the buyer can only derive rights from a warranty if the intended brand or registration number is undamaged when invoking this guarantee.


14.3 Claims of the buyer under a warranty are not transferable to third parties.


14.4 A-team Automotive guarantees the soundness and usability of the goods delivered by it for three months after purchase. The buyer therefore has the right, in the event of defects, to offer the delivered item to A-team Automotive for a period of three months for replacement or repair, at the discretion of A-team Automotive, in accordance with Article 7 of the applicable General Terms and Conditions.


14.5 undertakes, if Article 4 of these Warranty Conditions and Article 7 of the General Terms and Conditions are met, to repair or replace the item offered for replacement/repair within a reasonable period of time with a comparable item, unless A-team Automotive is unable to do so, in which case

A-team Automotive will proceed with a cash refund of the relevant invoice amount.


14.6 The item received by the buyer after repair/replacement is again eligible for the basic warranty. (Or until the end date of the original extended warranty).


14.7 The buyer cannot claim any guarantee:

a. if the buyer has provided incorrect or insufficient information with regard to the brand and type designation of the purchased item and/or the vehicle for which the part is intended;


b. The guarantee obligation lapses if the buyer/client does not or has not fulfilled its payment obligations punctually. The buyer/client is not entitled to refuse payment on the grounds that AG has not yet or not fully and/or would have fulfilled its warranty obligations.


c. The claims under guarantees also lapse if third parties have carried out work related to the work performed by AG in respect of which the guarantee is invoked, without written permission (issued after a quotation announced in advance by the buyer/client) from AG.</ p>


d. Excluded from warranty are:

• defects in materials or parts prescribed or available by the buyer/client

are set;

• defects that are the result of designs, drawings, provided by the buyer/customer

constructions or working methods, or advice given by the buyer/client;

• defects in built-in electronic components;

• _defects in fuel systems if tank and additional components are not flushed or renewed. The guarantee

also does not extend to repair of engine defects that have arisen as a result of the use of fuels for which the engine (according to the manufacturer's instructions on prescribed fuel use) is not suitable or for which the engine has not been made suitable by AG;</p >

• also engine damage caused by failure and/or incorrect use of the electronic components and/or of the

Electronic peripheral events are excluded from the warranty, as are defects in items that are not material and/or construction defects (such as defects resulting from normal wear and tear, internal and external pollution, rust and paint damage, transport, freezing, overheating, overloading and/or dropping the product);

• if parts other than those prescribed by the manufacturer are used during installation

• if non-original parts were used during installation

• if the item purchased has been installed in a vehicle for which it was not originally intended.

• if the item purchased is built into a sports car or a tuned vehicle.

• defects arising as a result of: intent, failure to carry out normal or prescribed maintenance, incorrect

Installation/connection/changes carried out by third parties, poor treatment, incorrect (or other than foreseen normal) use are also excluded from the guarantee;

• _nor is there any claim under warranty with regard to defects that arise as a result of,

but nott appendages checked by AG, as well as in respect of defects and damage caused by the participation of a vehicle in competitions or speed tests.


e. The original warranty period is not extended in case of replacement.


14.8 Warranty on engines and/or gearboxes only applies if oil and/or toothed belt and/or filters have demonstrably been replaced.


14.9 No guarantee is given for work and/or parts related to the installation.


14.10 if acted in violation of any other provision of the applicable General Terms and Conditions or Warranty Conditions, insofar as these are prescribed under penalty of forfeiture of rights.


14.11 The buyer cannot derive any right to compensation of any kind from a warranty, except insofar as A-team Automotive is obliged to do so by law or the applicable General Terms and Conditions.


14.12 has the right to deviate from these Guarantee Conditions if the buyer has been expressly informed of this before concluding the purchase agreement and the deviating provisions have been agreed in writing between

A-team Automotive and the buyer have been recorded.

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