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About us

Autodemontage A-team is a company that has 35 years of experience in the car disassembly industry. A company that has passed from father to son and is a real family business. There are 7 people working for us in the company, they all have their own specialty.

We have recently started to focus more on the sale of parts for young cars. So that we can supply the market with these parts. We are also certified for kzd *** this is the highest classification that a dismantling company can achieve. We Recognized sustainable certified. For parts or for a car to be picked up, you can call us or send an e-mail. You are always welcome to visit us.


BUSINESS PROCESSbusiness process

A damaged car is purchased and the data is recorded in the computer, year of construction, chassis number, price per kilometer and purchase value.

This way we know exactly what we have in house. And that is why we can guarantee the quality.
The damaged car is dismantled part by part.


Due to this efficient process, approximately 95% of a car can be recycled.

This leaves a cleaner environment for our children and the repair costs are now less high.
The non-usable parts and materials end up in sorting bins and go to recycling companies.





First of all, the car is stripped of the engine and all environmentally unfriendly materials, such as oil, coolant and brake oil. These materials are collected separately in containers, after which they go to factories for reuse.

A technician then sets to work efficiently dismantling the car, part by part. Each part receives an identification sticker and a separate quality control.

The data is entered into the computer.

In this way, the quality and origin of each part is recorded.






The parts are stored here by brand and quality. Via your registration number and/or chassis number, the employees can very easily check whether the part you are looking for fits your car.

Here too, the environment is taken into account, so there is LED lighting everywhere and the light is switched automatically by means of motion detectors.

A car part is sold and therefore reused.
If you are looking for a part, professional salesmen will assist you. They know exactly which part is suitable for your car.


The requests for parts can be made by phone, e-mail and even more efficiently:

through this site. We look at what we have in house and then contact you.

You can pick up your part yourself, but it can often also be shipped.

This not only serves a large part of the regional and Dutch market, but also customers across the border.

From Iceland to South America and from Brazil to Japan. Car companies, but also private individuals. Dutch and foreign customers keep coming back to us, because a large stock is linked to excellent quality.

Our certificates, including the STIBA Garant Certificate and KZD***, guarantee the quality of our products, service and business operations. In addition, they show the attention we pay to the environment, our employees and of course our customers.



Certifications & Partners

We are members of the following organizations:
Erkend Duurzaam
Realization: iBuro